The Sun (Malaysia)

Alcohol link to breast cancer


A MAJOR new study involving more than 300,000 female volunteers confirms a link between alcohol intake and breast cancer, and also finds that the risk increases with each additional daily drink.

Five Spanish universiti­es and 334,850 women between the ages of 35 and 70 from 10 European countries were involved in the research, which confirms previous evidence of a link between alcohol intake and breast cancer.

Over the course of the 11-year monitoring study, 11,576 participan­ts were diagnosed with breast cancer.

The team found that “a woman’s average risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer increases by 4% with each additional 10 grammes per day of alcohol”, according to Spanish scientist María Dolores Chirlaque.

The team also found that the longer a woman had been exposed to alcohol consumptio­n, the greater a risk she had, especially if her alcohol intake had begun prior to her first pregnancy. –

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