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Musical chairs

> Could Alber Elbaz replace Raf Simons at Christian Dior?

- Alber Elbaz.

AFTER a 14-year partnershi­p, the celebrated fashion designer Alber Elbaz is to quit Lanvin within the next few days. This is sure to fire up rumours about who will be Dior's next artistic director.

The game of musical chairs – which could also be called the fashion industry's transfer market -- has well and truly begun. Less than a week after Raf Simons announced he was leaving Christian Dior, the charismati­c Alber Elbaz has said goodbye to the no less legendary Lanvin fashion house.

It is difficult not to link the two resignatio­ns. While Raf Simons said he wanted to concentrat­e on his own projects, including his brand, Alber Elbaz has really surprised everyone in exiting Lanvin. Women's Wear

Daily reports that this breakup is linked to tension that has been building up between the artistic director and Lanvin's owner, Shaw-Lan Wang.

There is therefore an expectatio­n that the Moroccan-born Israeli fashion designer could replace Raf Simons at Dior. His name was whispered behind the scenes last week when it was announced that Simons was stepping down. For the moment it is just speculatio­n, but if Alber Elbaz were to go to Christian Dior there is no doubt that it would

shake up the fashion world.

Elbaz at Dior, the perfect match?

Alber Elbaz was hired at Lanvin to transform and modernise the luxury brand's image. Now his name seems almost inseparabl­e from it. The designer made a major contributi­on to the brand's current success by creating a modern style that is elegant, glamorous, and always ultra-feminine, while respecting the fashion house's DNA. Ribbons, diamante, sequins, pleats, and ethereal skirts and dresses were given a new lease of life with a few strokes of the charismati­c designer's pencil.

It's therefore difficult to imagine him taking the reins at such an influentia­l brand as Christian Dior, with its very strong identity that is constantly in the spotlight. Something that Alber Elbaz has often shied away from, as he has said on several occasions that he likes to work away from this commotion.

The seat left empty by Raf Simons brings all kinds of possibilit­ies to mind. Riccardo Tisci and Phoebe Philo, the artistic directors at Givenchy and Céline respective­ly, are other big names rumoured as possible replacemen­ts. It's anyone's guess until the next announceme­nt. –

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