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PAS to remain part of state govt


PAS Selangor will continue to carry out its responsibi­lities in the state despite pressure from DAP for it to quit the state government.

Selangor PAS coordinato­r Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad (PAS-Chempaka) said DAP should focus on service to the people and should not drag political matters into the fray, especially when the state assembly just resumed its session.

“PAS would remain in the government and our job is to carry out the responsibi­lity as a part of the state government. We have a lot of work, the 2016 budget had just been passed, and our focus should be to look after the welfare of the people,” he said.

At the recently concluded Selangor DAP convention, Kajang Baru DAP chairman Chiong Yoke Kong suggested that DAP leaders pressure Selangor Mentri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali to axe PAS excos from the state government within a stipulated time frame.

Should Azmin fail to do so, Chiong said DAP leaders will not hesitate to leave the state’s government.

When asked by reporters on whether PAS Selangor would bring the issue to its central committee, Iskandar said they have yet to decide on it and would instead focus on their work.

Meanwhile, Selangor DAP publicity secretary Ng Suee Lim (DAPSekinch­an) said the matters brought by Chiong was based on his personal capacity and does not necessaril­y reflect the party’s stand.

“That is his personal opinion, the convention was the best platform for him to express his views and we should respect that,” Ng said.

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