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Killer family?

Remains of at least four victims found murdered and burnt

- BY P. CHANDRA SAGARAN newsdesk@thesundail­

IPOH: Perak police may have uncovered a family of serial killers responsibl­e for the disappeara­nce of at least four people over the past one-and-a-half years.

The family of four, including a 57year-old mechanic in Tapah, were detained on Oct 26, following police investigat­ions into the gruesome murders of four people akin to that of the Sosilawati murder case (where a cosmetics millionair­e and her three aides were murdered and their bodies burnt over a land deal gone sour in 2010 in Banting, Kuala Selangor).

Police made the breakthrou­gh while investigat­ing the disappeara­nce of a farmer cum land broker who was l ast seen l eaving his home at Kampung Sungai Lah, Chenderian­g, Tapah on Aug 25.

State deputy police chief Datuk Hasnan Hassan said the principal suspect is a mechanic who runs his own workshop, while the others are his 54-year-old wife and two sons – a 20-year-old mechanic and 17-yearold unemployed youth. They have been remanded until Friday for further investigat­ions.

Investigat­ions revealed that the principal suspect (the father) has seven previous criminal records i ncluding f or housebreak­ing, cheating, theft and criminal breach of trust (CBT).

Hasnan said following the arrest of the family, police had recovered

burnt remains of a person from a river near the suspects’ house.

“We believe the remains are that of the victims who had earlier been burnt in the family’s workshop,” he said, adding that the victim’s motorcycle had been found abandoned along the road leading to Cameron Highlands.

Further investigat­ions revealed that the suspects may be linked to the disappeara­nce of three other persons in Tapah who are believed to have been similarly killed.

“The remains of the three others were also found in a similar manner – murdered and burnt,” said Hasnan, adding that they were: a 56-year-old woman tour bus company operator who was reported missing on March 1, 2014, a 54- year-old male vehicle spare parts dealer who went missing on June 15, 2014 and a 36-year-old worker at the workshop owned by the suspect, who was reported missing on Oct 30. “Investigat­ions revealed that debts, land sale and thefts committed by an employee at the workshop was the motive for the murders,” Hasnan said.

Forensic teams from the police and Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital have conducted investigat­ions at the scene and have collected bone samples for post-mortem and the DNA tests.

A special team comprising police personnel from the state and Bukit Aman, headed by Perak CID chief SAC Goh Kok Liang, has been formed to conduct further investigat­ions.

“We believe more people were involved in the crimes,” said Hasnan.

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