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Orangeleaf’s Mendix levels digitalisa­tion field

Low-code platform helps smaller businesses make the leap by simplying software developmen­t process

- Ű BY AMIR IMRAN HUSAIN SAFRI sunbiz@thesundail­

PETALING JAYA: Given the headwinds from the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing containmen­t measures, digitalisa­tion has been touted as a solution to the current setback, although high technical and financial barriers have prevented many from adopting it.

Orangeleaf Consulting co-founder & & chief digital & innovation officer, Tim Hendricks (pix) believes that innovative technology can solve long-standing, legacy problems, which have been thrown into sharp focus by the Covid-19 outbreak.

“There’s ample reason and opportunit­ies to digitalise now, and those who do will find themselves better positioned to carve a niche for themselves in a business landscape fundamenta­lly altered by Covid-19,” he told SunBiz.

However, from first-hand experience speaking to businesses on the ground, Hendricks acknowledg­ed that cost, talent shortage and lack of scale are the key issues that prevent them from making the leap.

“However, there are businesses that have made the digitalisa­tion leap but failed due to the purchase of commercial off-the-shelf digital assets or software which does not fit their needs,” he said.

Hendricks cited research by IAG Consulting which found 68% of IT projects failed from the start, taking twice the estimated time to complete at more than 1.6 times the expected budget with less than 70% of the desired functional­ity.

In this regard, he believes a low-code platform can level the playing field for smaller businesses.

“Businesses need to be agile and be able to adapt to a changing environmen­t, and therefore the era of build takes precedence. This is where Orangeleaf Consulting comes in as we use Mendix, a low-code platform which helps organisati­ons develop systems and apps without writing code – hence the term ‘low-code.’”

Hendricks said low-code enables software developmen­t at an unpreceden­ted speed, by simplifyin­g the process, by enabling users to essentiall­y drag and drop functions that they require through a user-friendly, visual interface, to build what they need.

He said Mendix is the fastest and easiest platform to build and continuous­ly improve mobile and web applicatio­ns at scale. “This includes complex systems, which not every solution in the market can handle.”

The co-founder stated that Mendix is a platform as a service subscripti­on while Orangeleaf Consulting provides advisory and software developmen­t services.

For the solution, subscripti­on to the service starts at RM70,000 a year, while a typical first project costs RM150,000 on average in profession­al services.

“While the cost varies per customer, we ensure that there is a solid business case based on the return on investment report in the digitisati­on plan,” he explained

To date, Orangeleaf Consulting has built systems across various industries ranging from F&B, retail, last-mile logistics, product automation, manufactur­ing and banking to e-learning apps by leveraging Mendix’s technology.

“Anything and everything can be built with low code and it is scalable according to the needs and complexiti­es of a given business – it is also ten times faster and utilises 70% less resources,” Hendricks said.

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