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Avoid waterfall during monsoon, public warned


The Civil Defence Force (CDF) has issued an advisory to the public stating they should stay away from the Lata Bayu waterfall in Asam Jawa, Baling during the current unpredicta­ble weather and monsoon transition­al phase.

Kedah CDF disaster operations division chief Capt Saifuddin Abdullah said the Lata Bayu waterfall is on the list of 39 recreation areas identified as hot spots at high risk of the water surge phenomenon in the state.

He said the most recent water surge phenomenon in Lata Bayu occurred on Aug 31 after a downpour and trapped two women, who were fortunatel­y rescued.

“The public must be cautious when visiting recreation­al areas for picnics or camping, especially the Lata Bayu waterfall, as it is one of the areas prone to debris flows in Baling,” he told a press conference yesterday.

Saifuddin said the Baling district has the highest number of recorded at-risk water surge locations with 11 spots followed by Yan with six and and Sik, five.

“In addition to Lata Bayu, the 10 other high-risk areas in Baling are Kuala Kedua, Lata Bukit Hijau, Teratak Simpul, Lata Celak Iboi, Air Panas Ulu Legong, Lubuk Badak, Sungai Pam, Lata Baling, Lubuk

Pedati and Lata Nering,” he said.

Saifuddin added that 1,100 state CDF personnel are on standby to be mobilised to handle flash floods expected during the transition­al phase of the Northeast Monsoon.

“A total of 357 high-risk flood areas have been identified, particular­ly along the Sungai Muda basin, and in the Kulim, Baling, Kuala Muda, Bandar Baharu, Kota Setar and Kubang Pasu districts.” – Bernama

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