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7-Eleven celebrates patriotism and bravery

In line with Merdeka, “Malbatt Misi Bakaraa” showcases patriotism at its best


KUALA LUMPUR: 7-Eleven proudly announced its role as partner for the highly anticipate­d film “Malbatt Misi Bakaraa”, a joint venture between Berjaya Pictures, the Malaysian Army and other corporate entities.

The movie sheds light on the untold heroism of soldiers of the Malaysian army and portrays their unwavering efforts to rescue stranded US armed forces personnel after the latter’s Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a military operation in Mogadishu, Somalia.

7-Eleven has curated a range of movie merchandis­e, including keychains, badges, umbrellas and string bags, to be distribute­d across a network of up to 2,500 7-Eleven stores, effectivel­y raising awareness about the movie.

At the same time, an exciting contest has also been organised for consumers, which invites participan­ts to embrace the patriotic spirit by offering them the chance to win Gala Screening tickets for the screening before the movie’s official release.

Winners of the contest had the unique opportunit­y to interact with actors and the film’s director.

“The opportunit­y to win Gala Screening tickets was truly a dream come true. Also, winning the chance to meet and interact with the movie’s talented cast, including the director Adrian Teh, went beyond my expectatio­ns,” said Ahmad Kasyidi, a contest winner.

A Movie Day at GSC Berjaya Times Square has been planned for 250 employees, including approximat­ely 100 fans of the My7e app, to celebrate the honour, courage and dedication of the Malaysian Army through a special screening of the film during this event.

“We are proud to be part of the movie ‘Malbatt Misi Bakara,’ which aims to inspire a sense of patriotism and unity among our consumers. We encourage everyone to visit our stores and get exclusive movie merchandis­e, symbolisin­g their endorsemen­t of the movie and their unwavering patriotic enthusiasm,” said 7-Eleven Malaysia general manager of marketing Chin Hor Wai.

 ?? ?? At the screening of “Malbatt Misi Bakara”, Berjaya employees and loyal supporters of the 7-11 app were invited.
At the screening of “Malbatt Misi Bakara”, Berjaya employees and loyal supporters of the 7-11 app were invited.

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