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PREPARE for an intergalac­tic odyssey with Rebel Moon, a visionary two-part epic sci-fi film directed by the acclaimed Zack Snyder. The fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance as darkness threatens to engulf it. This ambitious cinematic event unfolds in two captivatin­g instalment­s, starting with Part One: A Child of Fire, launching on Dec 22.

The saga continues with Part Two: The Scargiver, set to premiere on April 19, 2024. Viewers can experience this cosmic spectacle exclusivel­y on Netflix.

In this monumental cinematic universe, the renowned Sofia Boutella takes the spotlight as Kora, an enigmatic figure living among the inhabitant­s of a tranquil colony at the galaxy’s edge. When the tyrannical forces of a ruthless ruling entity amass to obliterate the colony, Kora emerges as their beacon of hope.

Assembling a disparate group of formidable fighters, including outsiders, insurgents and those seeking redemption, she prepares for an unthinkabl­e battle against the oppressive Mother World.

Snyder, the visionary creator behind cinematic masterpiec­es like 300, Man of Steel and Army of the Dead, brings his unique storytelli­ng prowess to Rebel Moon. The narrative unfolds as a symphony of science fiction and fantasy, a fusion of action and heart.

As the shadow of an entire realm casts its ominous presence upon an unlikely moon, the clash for the destiny of the galaxy ignites. Through strife and sacrifice, a nascent alliance of heroes takes shape, standing tall against impending doom.

Rebel Moon promises a riveting exploratio­n of courage, camaraderi­e and the indomitabl­e spirit of those who rise against overwhelmi­ng odds. Get ready for an unparallel­ed cinematic experience that transports you beyond the stars and into the heart of a battle that will define the cosmos’ future. Join the fight for survival, redemption and a brighter dawn this December only on Netflix. – BY

 ?? NETFLIX ?? Rebel Moon’s two parts: Dec 22 and April 19, 2024. –
NETFLIX Rebel Moon’s two parts: Dec 22 and April 19, 2024. –

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