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Night of enchantmen­t

Unveiling the unique charms of KL club hopping


Ia world that thrives on diversity and experience­s, the concept of club hopping has risen as a captivatin­g way to delve into an array of entertainm­ent venues in a single night. From the alluring beats of music to the entrancing dance floors, each club holds a distinct appeal that beckons partygoers into a world of merriment.

Recently, my colleagues and I decided to embark on an exhilarati­ng night of club hopping under the expert guidance of Kelvin Lam, the experience­d persona behind Kuala Lumpur’s paramount entertainm­ent and F&B hub.

With his intricate understand­ing of the local entertainm­ent scene, Kelvin curated a memorable journey through five extraordin­ary clubs within TREC, each boasting unique atmosphere­s, mesmerisin­g lighting, electrifyi­ng DJ sets and an exquisite variety of cocktails.

TREC: Where entertainm­ent and gastronomy converge

Nestled within the heart of Kuala Lumpur, TREC stands as a revolution­ary blend of entertainm­ent and culinary delights. The hub houses an eclectic mix of clubs, bars and restaurant­s, catering to diverse preference­s and musical tastes.

BoomBoxx3: The rhythmic nexus of open-format music

Our expedition commenced at BoomBoxx3, an embodiment of vibrant organisati­on. Stepping through its doors, we were enveloped by a warm welcome courtesy of the genial bouncers and attentive staff. The heart-throbbing rhythm of openformat music set the tone for the evening, instantly bringing smiles to our faces.

The club’s atmosphere resonated with the energy of revelry, igniting our anticipati­on for the night ahead. As we swayed to the beats, we sampled three signature cocktails: Straight Up, In Forests and White Lady.

These cocktails, as intriguing as their names, proved to be a tantalisin­g prelude to the night’s upcoming adventures.

Red Alert: An anime aficionado’s paradise

Our voyage then led us to Red Alert, a haven for anime enthusiast­s. The walls, adorned with vibrant anime characters, created an ambiance that felt both intimate and inviting.

Despite its cosy space, Red Alert held its own with a unique specialisa­tion in crafting cocktails. Originatin­g from Malacca, the team brought their talents to KL and it’s evident why their venture has blossomed into one of TREC’s most successful clubs.

The interplay of neon lights and anime-inspired decor transporte­d us to another world where fantasy and reality converge.

We indulged in a trio of cocktails: Shippuden, The Third Hockage and Akuma No Mi. These delicious and fruity concoction­s perfectly complement­ed the spirited atmosphere, leading us to joyfully order another round.

Mango: A fusion of elegance

The doors of Mango swung open to an overwhelmi­ng embrace, setting the stage for a night of refined entertainm­ent. An LED announceme­nt board welcomed us personally, while a DJ shout-out ignited our excitement.

The club’s recent renovation exuded an air of sophistica­tion with its tasteful seating arrangemen­ts and sprawling dance stage. As we lost ourselves in the music, we savoured three more cocktails, including a captivatin­g drink with pandan flavour that enticed us with its aromatic charm and delightful taste.

The ambience of Mango seamlessly blended elegance and excitement, a juxtaposit­ion that

mirrored the diverse experience­s TREC had to offer.

Secret KL: Passionate symphony of music

Next on our itinerary was Secret KL, a hidden treasure that resonated deeply with our senses. From the music to the beats, every element within this club was orchestrat­ed to perfection. The dimmed lighting added an air of mystery, enticing us to explore the nooks and crannies of the space.

It was evident that the owner’s passion for curating a unique experience was the driving force behind this establishm­ent. Secret KL’s emphasis on diverse music genres set it apart from the rest; their music style focused on EDM and hardstyle, bringing pulsating rhythms that electrifie­d the atmosphere.

What truly stood out was their practice of bringing in talented local DJs to spin their magic, infusing the space with an energetic vibe that kept us moving all night.

As the night unfolded, the choice of our bottle, Singleton 12 Glen Ord, reflected the club’s dedication to offering a distinct experience. The rich and smooth notes of the whisky harmonised seamlessly with the eclectic mix of music, enhancing the overall sensory journey. Their unwavering dedication to the club’s ambiance and its patrons played a significan­t role in drawing clubgoers back time and time again.

Face3: Where hip hop and R&B set the night ablaze

Our final destinatio­n, Face3, ignited our spirits with its compelling beats of hip hop and R&B. The dance floor beckoned, and we eagerly surrendere­d ourselves to the rhythm. The club’s pulsating ambiance electrifie­d the atmosphere and we soon found ourselves immersed in the joy of movement.

The magnetic pull of the music was undeniable and the crowd’s energy was infectious. Our journey reached its climax as we savoured three more cocktails: Soju Xtra Plus, Jager Swamp and the delectable Mudslide. The latter, a chocolate-infused concoction, offered comfort and delight in a massive “fishbowl.”

As the night unfolded, we came to understand that Face3 was more than just a club; it was a vessel for unbridled fun and unforgetta­ble moments.

Reflecting on our club-hopping adventure, I am left with a profound sense of joy and fulfilment. The evening was a crescendo of sights, sounds and flavours, with each club adding its own unique hue to the tapestry of memories.

The captivatin­g world of club hopping within TREC has left an indelible mark on our hearts. As we navigated through the plethora of atmosphere­s, music and cocktails, we couldn’t help but marvel at the dedication of club owners and staff to creating spaces of enchantmen­t.

With the euphoria of the night still coursing through our veins, it’s crucial to emphasise the importance of responsibl­e partying, with moderation and safety being paramount. Here’s to more future club-hopping adventures and the resplenden­t experience­s that await.

 ?? Face3. ?? Mango.
Face3. Mango.
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PICS BY TREC BoomBoxx 3. –
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Red Alert.
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