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TaylorMade and United Arrows release third collection

The collaborat­ion originates from the creative vision of Sasagawa


UNITED Arrows, a Japanese clothing brand known for its urban utilitaria­n style collaborat­ions with brands like New Balance, The North Face and more, has recently revealed its third collaborat­ive effort with golf brand TaylorMade.

To strengthen the connection between golf and fashion, Yosuke Sasagawa, a stylist well-versed in contempora­ry golf culture both in Japan and abroad, has taken the creative helm of this collection.

With keywords like street, urban, military, outdoor, ninja and utility, they’ve begun a journey to pioneer a completely novel style previously unexplored in this domain.

Another noteworthy aspect is the collection’s unisex appeal, designed to be enjoyed by anyone regardless of gender, which takes a fresh approach compared to previous releases.

The primary colour palette includes various shades of khaki and black, complement­ed by occasional white and high-visibility items.

United Arrows’ creative direction for this collection was influenced by Sasagawa, who is a golfer himself. He expressed, “Rather than the ‘golf clothes that can be worn on the street’ often seen in recent years, we’ve created ‘clothing that people want to wear on the street’ with a focus on the city and urban aesthetics from the outset.”

He highlighte­d details like reflector prints blending seamlessly with street fashion and detachable pockets, giving the collection a more urban appeal. This approach has attracted young fashion enthusiast­s to golf.

Key pieces in this collection include weather-treated jackets and vests, pullover hoodies, quilted shorts and pants, a packable tailored jacket, putter and driver covers, and a golf bag in the signature khaki colour.

Most items feature utility-focused storage solutions and durable materials chosen for their longlastin­g performanc­e.

One of the standout items is the stand bag, adorned with a message graphic on the quilted body. It boasts Boa material for the mouth frame and handle specificat­ions, a top handle with a cover and a carbon fibre metal stand.

Even the inner fabric displays a monogram pattern, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. This bag is compatible with Type 3.4 kg and 47-inch golf clubs.

The regional collection is set to release on Sept 15 at select TaylorMade stores and on the retailer’s official site.

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 ?? ?? The collection features street, urban and outdoor wear with quasimilit­ary uniformity and practicali­ty.
The collection features street, urban and outdoor wear with quasimilit­ary uniformity and practicali­ty.
 ?? United Arrows x TaylorMade. – PICS BY UNITED ARROWS. ??
United Arrows x TaylorMade. – PICS BY UNITED ARROWS.

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