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Get ready to scream

The Conjuring Universe Tour is now in Malaysia


STEP into the nightmaris­h realm of The Conjuring Universe Tour, a spinetingl­ing extravagan­za that has horror aficionado­s and thrill-seekers eagerly clutching their tickets. This isn’t just your runof-the-mill haunted house; it’s an immersive, heart-pounding journey that will leave your heart racing and your mind questionin­g reality itself.

Presented by the sinister collaborat­ion of Warner Bros Discovery Global Themed Entertainm­ent, Sunny Side Up, Incubase Studio, AM PM (HK), and Ace Media Network, this diabolical experience unfolds across 15,000 sq ft of pure terror. But don’t let that intimidate you, let your curiosity override your fear as you step into the abyss at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Prepare to be guided through this chilling odyssey by spectral experts who are masters at conjuring the perfect blend of suspense and fright. This isn’t just a passive tour; it’s an interactiv­e exploratio­n of the unknown, complete with hair-raising encounters that will keep you on the edge of your sanity.

Embark on your journey through haunting zones that bring to life the nightmaris­h landscapes of The Conjuring Universe’s most iconic scenes. Dare to wander through the hallowed halls of the Abbey of St. Carta from The Nun, where unsettling rituals await those brave enough to face their fears head-on.

Discover the sinister origins of Annabelle, the infamous possessed doll, as you step into The Workshop, the birthplace of this chilling entity. And if you’re up for more, the Artefact Room beckons, displaying cursed objects that will make even the bravest souls shudder in dread.

But that’s not where the horror ends; it’s only just beginning. Timed perfectly with the launch of The Conjuring Universe Tour, the nervewrack­ing sequel, The Nun II, will be hitting theatres on Sept 7. Talk about a double dose of terror: experience the bone-chilling narrative on the big screen before immersing yourself in the heart of the horror itself.

And for those who want to take a piece of the fear home, the spine-chilling merchandis­e available is bound to make your skin crawl with excitement. From collectibl­e figurines that capture the essence of your favourite sinister characters to killer t-shirts that boldly declare your allegiance to the macabre, this is merchandis­ing heaven for any devoted horror fan.

Before you embark on this hair-raising journey, heed the warning: this isn’t an adventure for the faint-hearted. If you’re under 15, make sure to bring along a courageous adult who can stand as your shield against the terrors that await. Because within the heart of The Conjuring Universe Tour, fear becomes your closest companion and bravery is your only salvation.

Now imagine being me, someone who’s easily spooked, tiptoeing through each room like a cautious detective in a mystery novel. Clinging onto my brave friend for dear life, I found myself gasping, shrieking and laughing nervously at every twist and turn. But here’s the kicker: every single room had its own unique flavour of terror that’s simply beyond words.

From the Abbey of St. Carta’s eerie rituals to The Workshop’s unnerving ambiance, each space felt like a portal to a new realm of fright. I can’t stress enough how each room was an experience in itself; you’ve got to be there to truly understand it. Honestly, it felt like I was living in a horror movie, and I was definitely the star of my very own screamfest.

And oh, how I relished every spine-chilling moment of it. From start to finish, the tour had me hooked, and the adrenaline rush was nothing short of addictive. It’s an experience that words can’t quite capture – you’ve got to step in and feel the hair-raising excitement for yourself. Grab your tickets via theconjuri­, KLOOK, IncuTix, or major e-wallets via WeTix and get ready to face your fears head-on.

 ?? ?? The Conjuring experience tour entrance. – PICS BY THE CONJURING TOUR
Perron’s house.
The altar.
The Warren’s artifact room.
The workshop.
The Conjuring experience tour entrance. – PICS BY THE CONJURING TOUR Perron’s house. The altar. The Warren’s artifact room. The workshop.

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