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Lenka releases Silhouette

o The singer’s latest single marks her first release since 2020


AUSTRALIAN singersong­writer and performer Lenka has released her latest single, Silhouette. This song is her first new release since 2020, succeeding her previous single One Moment.

Silhouette features Lenka’s captivatin­g vocals, accompanie­d by the beautiful voices of the Berry Public School choir. Lenka, formerly a member of the critically acclaimed band Decoder Ring, brings her signature infectious sugary indie pop sound, complement­ed by a soulful 80s synth-inspired backdrop to the song.

Lenka talks about the song in her own words: “This song is my delicious 1980s pop jam about being worn down by life to the point where you feel like you’re disappeari­ng and becoming numb. Almost a nihilistic feeling, but in a joyful way. It’s fun to get creative with your more negative emotions and wear them like a costume; turn them into armour.”

The recently released Silhouette was a collaborat­ive effort, with the song being written and recorded alongside engineer and multiinstr­umentalist Josh Schuberth (known for his work with artists like Josh Pyke, Sara Storer and Ben Folds). Dave Jenkins Jr handled the production in Eora (Sydney) and the stunning landscapes of Colomatta in the Blue Mountains.

Silhouette is a delightful journey into nostalgia and its accompanyi­ng visual is a tribute to the retro styles of the 80s and

90s. Directed by Adam Jordan and filmed at Teel Studios in New South Wales, the music video draws inspiratio­n from iconic artists such as Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Kylie Minogue and more.

It also incorporat­es elements from TV advertisem­ents of the past, portraying women as sensual and powerful figures, a reflection of Lenka’s childhood memories.

The singer is renowned for her chart-topping hits like The Show, Trouble Is A Friend and Everything at Once. Her impressive career spans various accomplish­ments and ventures. Beyond her music career, Lenka has made appearance­s in notable films like Moneyball, Easy A, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Her talents have also graced the small screen, with roles in TV shows such as Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy. In the world of advertisin­g, Lenka’s distinctiv­e voice and presence have been featured in commercial­s for prominent brands like Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

Furthermor­e, she has also worked alongside renowned artists, including Sally Seltmann and Darren Seltmann, founding members

of The Avalanches. These achievemen­ts underscore her versatile and impactful contributi­ons to the world of entertainm­ent.

Lenka’s music has resonated deeply with fans around the globe, and her internatio­nal tours have solidified her status as a beloved artist worldwide.

During her tours across Asia, she garnered a dedicated following with remarkable achievemen­ts in various countries. Notably, she ranked first in India, second in Indonesia, fourth in Malaysia and sixth in the Philippine­s in terms of streaming and popularity.

Beyond Asia, Lenka’s impact extends to Europe and the United States, where she has graced the stages of numerous music festivals. Her performanc­es at events such as the Strawberry Music

Festival, Zhoushan

Music Festival,

Kunming Festival,

Daydream Festival and Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival have further cemented her reputation as a captivatin­g live performer with a global appeal.

The artist is currently preparing for the next leg of her tour, which begins this month in China and includes multiple stops throughout the country.

Following her China tour, she will travel to New York and Los Angeles before performing intimate shows in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in her native Australia. Fans can anticipate her whimsical and optimistic musical perspectiv­e at these performanc­es.

This year will also see the release of Lenka’s seventh studio album, titled Intraspect­ral. The new album was produced by Dave Jenkins Jr in Sydney between 2022 and 2023 and it explores a variety of

upbeat genres.

 ?? OZTIX ?? The artist’s solo artistry, world tour and songwritin­g unlock her emotions.
OZTIX The artist’s solo artistry, world tour and songwritin­g unlock her emotions. –
 ?? SKIPALONG RECORDS ?? The singer will
release her seventh studio album this year.
SKIPALONG RECORDS The singer will release her seventh studio album this year. –
 ?? ?? Lenka releases her latest single. – SKIPALONG RECORDS
Lenka releases her latest single. – SKIPALONG RECORDS

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