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Increasing concern over fatal road collisions

Collaborat­ion between govt and stakeholde­rs needed to raise level of safety for motorists: Experts

- BY LEE KIAN SENG newsdesk@thesundail­

KUALA LUMPUR: Improving safety awareness of road users through education, training and law enforcemen­t is necessary to reduce crash fatalities, said Alliance For A Safe Community chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and Selangor Road Safety Council member Tengku Ahmad Marwan Tengku Mahmud.

They added that it was time the government gave serious attention to road safety in Malaysia.

“The lives of six family members were claimed during a Sept 1 tragedy in Segamat, Johor. It was among the worst case this year and indirectly portrays the current road safety situation.

“We need to produce well-behaved road users as fatalities are rising rapidly in Malaysia,” Lee said.

He added that statistics showed such deaths increased by 13.3% between January and June, with 294,197 collisions, compared with 283,065 crashes during the same period last year.

“According to research done by the authoritie­s, 80% were caused by driver negligence.

“Fatalities involving heavy vehicles also became more common and (these incidents) need serious attention.”

Meanwhile, Tengku Ahmad Marwan said the number of deadly incidents involving motorcycli­sts remains high.

“Statistics show there were 1,884 deaths during the first six months. About 17 were recorded daily for road crashes and almost 60% of the total number of victims (comprised) motorcycli­sts.”

The duo urged the government, via the council, to come up with measures to curb road crashes.

They said the council’s involvemen­t is crucial to implement more effective initiative­s and fulfil the vision, mission and target set in the Road Safety Plan 2022-2030.

“There must be serious cooperatio­n among council members at the national and state levels. Suggestion­s to improve the level of road safety should be reviewed while (engaging with) those from the council and other stakeholde­rs,” Tengku Ahmad Marwan added.

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