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N. Korean, Russian leaders to meet over arms deal


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is expected to visit Russia this month to meet President Vladimir Putin as Moscow tries to negotiate the possibilit­y of receiving military equipment from North Korea for its Ukraine invasion.

Kim would travel from Pyongyang, probably by armoured train, to Vladivosto­k on the Pacific Coast of Russia, where he would meet Putin, reported the New York Times.

According to the outlet, both heads of state could be on the campus of Vladivosto­k’s Far Eastern Federal University to attend the Eastern Economic Forum, scheduled to take place from Sept 10-13.

However, the date of travel or exact place of meeting is not yet clear.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said yesterday it had “nothing to say” about the report.

The outlet reported that Pyongyang is expected to ask Moscow to share their advanced technology for satellites and nuclear-powered submarines in exchange for weapons, citing officials on the condition of anonymity.

The US has previously warned North Korea could supply more weapons to Russia, with US National Security Council spokesman Adrienne Watson noting earlier on Monday that Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu travelled to Pyongyang recently in a bid to persuade North Korea to sell artillery ammunition.

“We have informatio­n that Kim Jong-un expects these discussion­s to continue, to include leader-level engagement in Russia.”

She said the US is urging North Korea “to cease its arms negotiatio­ns with Russia and abide by the public commitment­s that Pyongyang has made to not provide or sell arms to Russia”.

The White House said last week it had intelligen­ce indicating Putin and Kim swapped letters following Shoigu’s visit. – The Independen­t

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