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Airbnb in a school

You can spend a night in a converted school bus


SEPTEMBER is synonymous with back-to-school in many countries, but if your school days are behind you and you’re nostalgic for the ambience of classrooms and the halcyon days of field trips taken on school buses, why not indulge this nostalgia with a short getaway? The web offers a host of unique spots for travellers to “go back to school” without any of the stress of lessons and homework.

If the new school year has you yearning for the charm of chalkboard­s and recess, perhaps spending a night or two in a quaint former schoolhous­e or converted school bus will appeal. On Airbnb, the internet’s leading property rental platform, you can discover just such treasures all over the world.

Nestled in the mountains of Washington State, you can sleep in a rustic old schoolhous­e, built at the beginning of the 20th century and entirely renovated and fitted out for your comfort. Literary types may prefer another establishm­ent, in England’s Lake District, where Charlotte and Emily Bront walked the halls.

For a totally bucolic experience, you can also opt for a 19th-century villa that was once a school in Tuscany, Italy, which has now been transforme­d into a farm, or for a rural spot in New Zealand’s Makarora valley where you can enjoy a huge garden and the peaceful sheep that live there.

In addition to schools, it’s also possible to spend the night in a specially converted school bus. For example, a double-decker bus in Alabama has been completely refurbishe­d and even includes a Volkswagen minivan integrated into the roof! In Kent, England, you can enjoy a classic American bus transforme­d into an elegant country retreat.

Finally, in Cornwall, another restored American school bus now offers unrivalled panoramic views. It’s enough to make us want to pull out our pencils and notebooks.

 ?? ?? This bus has been transforme­d into a cosy sleeping space in Kent, England.
This bus has been transforme­d into a cosy sleeping space in Kent, England.

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