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New game, new song

Blackpink dominates with The Girls


BLACKPINK has made a triumphant return to the music scene, debuting its first song of the year, The Girls, two weeks ago. This empowering single, created for its mobile game titled The Game, serves as the group’s initial musical offering since the release of its second album, Born Pink, last year.

According to an official statement, this new track serves as a celebratio­n of the quartet’s unstoppabl­e climb to stardom while perfectly capturing its spirited and carefree demeanor. The song’s catchy chorus warns, “Stop sign, we are burning it down. Better watch out, we are coming in loud. Bang bang. Just playing around, don’t mess with the girls with the girls with the girls.”

In addition to the single, Blackpink also unveiled a music video in which they appear as animated versions of themselves.

This exciting musical release coincides with the penultimat­e date of the group’s world tour, Born Pink Encore, which took place on Aug 26 at Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium. The tour, which began on Aug 12, featured performanc­es at major stadiums across the United States, including MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and Oracle Park in San Francisco.

Blackpink marked its seventh anniversar­y as a group on social media, with each member expressing gratitude for their time in the band. Rose, 26, shared her appreciati­on on Instagram, saying, “Thank you, Blackpink, for being such a blessing in my life. I have really been able to experience everything and more than what I have ever dreamed of growing up as an aspiring artist.”

Jisoo, 28, posted a photo of the group on Instagram, captioned, “Happy seventh anniversar­y, Blink and Blackpink. Blackpink is always in your area. Love you.”

Lisa, 26, also celebrated the occasion on Instagram, writing, “Happy seventh anniversar­y to me and my three amazing girls @blackpinko­fficial. Seven is one of my favourite numbers, and I hope this year will be a lucky one for us. Love you girls and blinks so so much.”

Jennie, 27, kept her message simple on the platform, expressing, “Seven years with @blackpinko­fficial. I love us, I love Blackpink, I love Blinks.”

 ?? - YG ENTERTAINM­ENT ?? The Girls music video by Blackpink.
- YG ENTERTAINM­ENT The Girls music video by Blackpink.

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