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O Local band Butterfing­ers revives legendary status with Malayneum 23 concert


FOLLOWING the success of its soldout Transcende­nce 20-Year Concert held at Shah Alam’s Malawati Stadium in November 2019, the beloved local rock band Butterfing­ers are back with another concert scheduled for Oct 7 at the same venue.

The band’s concert, which is given the name Malayneum 23, aims to evoke a sense of musical nostalgia in the audience by transporti­ng them back in time.

Butterfing­ers, led by Loque or Khairil Ridzwan Annuar, said that this idea had been kept for a long time since the success of the Transcende­nce Concert in 2019, but was stalled due to the world being attacked by a pandemic for several years.

“This year, we see the ‘weather’ is quite good for us to carry out this project. Butterfing­ers believes that all our listeners and followers are always thirsty for this band’s performanc­e live,” he said during the press conference announcing the concert on Aug 24.

After a four-year hiatus since its last performanc­e and a recent comeback at Nusafest, Butterfing­ers is creating a buzz with its much-anticipate­d Malayneum 23 Concert. The band has been dropping hints since July, and now fans can finally mark their calendars for this nostalgic event.

For Butterfing­ers, the Malayneum 23 Concert has special significan­ce. The band’s 2001 album, Malayneum, marked a departure from its previous style. This concert serves as the band’s homecoming and celebrates the anniversar­y of this experiment­al album.

Loque emphasised that Malayneum was a pivotal release for Butterfing­ers, as it marked a clear departure from its earlier works. He further described the album cover’s colour as symbolisin­g the concept of “senja,” representi­ng the twilight of its musical journey.

Lead singer Emmet Roslan also remarks: “This comeback for me is pretty neat; it’s going to be the first show that I will be playing the guitars, and I am looking forward to that. It’s nice that the band is playing together a little more as opposed to just putting the band ready and putting my vocals on top of that, which we did for the Transcende­nce 20.”

He then continues: “Now that the band is together again, there’s more of a band spirit”. He adds that Malayneum 23 is the first album celebratio­n show postpandem­ic.”

Establishe­d in 1993, Butterfing­ers has a discograph­y of six albums. Enthusiast­s can anticipate renditions of chart-topping tracks like Malayneum, Mating Season, Ginseng and Suddenly during the concert.

Tickets for the Malayneum 23 concert are priced between RM99 and RM499 and can be purchased at

 ?? PICS BY BUTTERFING­ERS ?? Butterfing­ers during their press conference for the concert. –
PICS BY BUTTERFING­ERS Butterfing­ers during their press conference for the concert. –
 ?? Album. ?? Malayneum
Album. Malayneum

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