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‘Tantouring’ for glowing, sculpted skin


SOCIAL networks, particular­ly TIkTok, are a never-ending source of makeup tips and tricks that can be reproduced by us ordinary followers with varying degrees of success. And sometimes one of the techniques being explained becomes a real phenomenon. Such is the case with “tantouring,” a method that combines tanning and contouring to achieve a tanned, sculpted complexion.

Anyone who thought they’d seen the last of contouring may be in for a disappoint­ment. Over on TikTok, one of the latest trends goes by the catchy name of “tantouring,” a mix of the terms “tan” and “contouring,” that infamous method of sculpting and structurin­g the face with makeup.

You may have guessed it: contouring is making a comeback with a subtle twist designed to bring a hint of tan to the skin an ideal tip for those who weren’t lucky enough to enjoy a summer vacation in the sun.

Popularise­d by several world-famous influencer­s, such as Kim Kardashian, contouring took a back seat to more natural makeup styles during the Covid-19 pandemic and its various periods of lockdown. But that hasn’t stopped it from racking up over two billion views on TikTok. Its new spinoff, “tantouring,” has a way to go to get to this level, but it has already generated almost 20 million views in just a few weeks.

A figure that testifies to the popularity of this new makeup technique, which combines the two basic elements for success: it’s simple and effective.

Self-tanner, a key component

In fact, there’s really nothing complicate­d about this method, which simply involves swapping your usual contouring products for a self-tanner. The idea is to apply the product to the areas you wish to sculpt – the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, jawline or hairline – playing with light and shadow effects, as you would with classic contouring.

But the result won’t be the same: not only will your complexion be slightly tanned, like after a tanning session on the beach, but it will also last for several days. In short, semi-permanent makeup that guarantees a healthy glow both in the morning and at bedtime.

Of course, the use of self-tanning products is not without risk. The amount of product applied to the skin should be kept to a minimum to avoid having to deal with an unattracti­ve orange complexion.

Plus, a good exfoliatio­n beforehand helps eliminate dead skin cells to obtain an even tan. This technique is not irreparabl­e, but it is also not easy to erase, requiring delicacy, dexterity and vigilance.

 ?? ?? The “tantouring” technique combines tanning and contouring for a tanned, sculpted complexion.
The “tantouring” technique combines tanning and contouring for a tanned, sculpted complexion.

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