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The first brewery in Vietnam, Hommel Brewery, was opened by the French in 1893 in Hoang Hoa Tham, producing 33 Beer using German ingredient­s to serve the French officials. The name was later changed to 333 in 1975 after the American War to distance itself from its colonial roots. The brand now belongs to the state-owned Sabeco Brewery since 2012.

Right after the country opened its gates in 1991, Heineken Vietnam Brewery Limited Company was granted the license to construct its brewery in Vietnam, becoming the first internatio­nal brewery to set foot in the country. Carlsberg followed suit in 1993.

Due to its alliance with the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON), Czech and German style beers were widely distribute­d in Vietnam. When COMECON dissolved in the 90s, returning Vietnamese brought back the brewing knowledge and recipes, and started a boom of microbrewe­ries. Today, there are over 40 Czech and German style microbrewe­ries across Vietnam.

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