I’ve got to choose be­tween stay­ing rent­free in the city with my aunt, or rent­ing in Kota Ke­mu­ning. Is the in­de­pen­dence worth the travel?

Time Out Kuala Lumpur - - Borak borak - Matthew, Port Klang

Peter Parker had the same prob­lem, but he was sought out by Tony Stark to join the Avengers. You? Well not so much, plus Parker had Marisa Tomei as his aunt. Now, back to your prob­lem, which I feel may be rooted in the fact that you’re a lit­tle ki­am­siap. I’ll choose in­de­pen­dence over hav­ing to live un­der some­one else’s roof (and rules) any­time; but hey, if it gets you a cou­ple of ex­tra happy meals a month, knock your­self out.

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