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Lower ground floor, Lot 10 Shop­ping Cen­tre, Jalan Sul­tan Is­mail, KL (+603 2782 3500/www.lot10hu­ To say this mall food court is un­like other food courts would be an un­der­state­ment. Hu­tong’s unique sell­ing point is the food ven­dors that have been hand­picked from pop­u­lar her­itage stalls around town, re­sult­ing in top-notch qual­ity and au­then­tic­ity. The Soong Kee beef noo­dles are rec­om­mended, as are the Kissaten pork burg­ers. Also do check out the famed Hon Kee Por­ridge stall with its bowl­ful of com­fort-in­duc­ing good­ness. The food may be a bit pricey by food court stan­dards but where else do you ex­pect to eat Imbi Road’s orig­i­nal pork noo­dles in a com­fort­able, air­con­di­tioned set­ting? Daily, 10am-10pm. $ has gone through many phases – un­ob­tru­sive res­i­den­tial area, club­bing haven, art and cul­ture quar­ter, and now, café dis­trict. But Nasi Lemak Fa­mous is a con­stant among the shift­ing pieces, which is to say that our un­con­di­tional yearn­ing for nasi lemak at sup­per time is… well, a con­stant. Ayam goreng rem­pah seems to be what draws the reg­u­lars but truth be told, we’re more in­fat­u­ated with the rice it­self. The rice has a proper amount of lemak and pan­dan, and re­mains light with­out any throw­ing about of the word ‘kukus’. Mean­while, the ba­nana leaf on which the rice is served emits a faint aroma. But the chicken still sings – crunchy, dark auburn bat­ter that en­velops warm meat. Don’t com­mit the un­par­don­able sin of choos­ing a breast piece; go straight for the leg or thigh if you want a pro­por­tion­ate ra­tio of skin and flesh with ev­ery bite. For the full artery-bust­ing pack­age, ask the kakak to spoon crisp chunks of fried bat­ter on to your plate. The sam­bal here is one that has sparked de­bate in the past but we like that its nat­u­ral sweet­ness is de­rived from onions as op­posed to lazy help­ings of re­fined sugar. Chilli is used spar­ingly and doesn’t dis­tract from the san­tan in the rice. If you want to add to the ex­trav­a­gance, there are sides like sam­bal paru, ren­dang dag­ing, fried tem­peh and begedil, all that main­tain Nasi Lemak Fa­mous’s fans-en­dorsed ti­tle of best nasi lemak in Bangsar. Daily, 5pm-5am. $ of dry, pan-roasted chilli flakes. In taste, it’s even bet­ter. The chilli flakes are mixed through the noo­dles and egg for a slip­pery, slick mouth­feel coun­tered by the crunch of an­chovies and heat of chilli. (Pub­lika) Daily, 10am-9pm. $

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