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Few cars make you feel as warm and gooey in­side as the Merc S-Class coupe. And since the facelift it’s got warmer and gooier still, thanks to a new 4.0-litre V8, which in this S560 is as smooth and re­fined an en­gine as you’ll find pretty much any­where. Be­sides the same tech that got added to the big S-Class last year (more ac­tive safety, clev­erer adap­tive cruise) and a toothy Panamer­ica grille for the AMGs, there’s noth­ing else to sep­a­rate the ‘new’ Coupe from the car it re­places. But we’re not com­plain­ing. This is a car that’s every bit as ca­pa­ble a GT as a Bent­ley Conti or As­ton DB11. Sure, it’s not quite as spe­cial or sat­is­fy­ing to drive down a twisty lane, and it’s not hand-built by Mid­lan­ders, but as a de­vice, the em­bod­i­ment of 2dr Mercedes-ness, it takes some beat­ing.

En­gine 3982cc, V8 twin-turbo, RWD, 469bhp, 700Nm Per­for­mance 0–100kph in 4.6secs, 250kph, 8.3L/100km, 188g/km CO2 Weight 2075kg

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