David Brown Speed­back GT

David Brown Speed­back GT £750,000 ap­prox.

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Re­mem­ber David Brown Au­to­mo­tive? The com­pany emerged four years ago with the Speed­back GT, an As­ton Martin DB5 pas­tiche built around the un­der­pin­nings of a Jaguar XKR.

With wire wheels and chrome bumpers it was, shall we say, an ac­quired taste. Now we have the Silverstone Edi­tion: de-chromed, de-bumpered, stealth­ier and cooler. In­side as well as out. It’s co­he­sive – a very steady de­sign hand has been at work here – al­though it hasn’t man­aged to im­prove the 2006 in­fo­tain­ment. Shud­der.

The su­per­charged V8 de­vel­ops an ex­tra 90bhp, but don’t go think­ing it’s a track car. It’s a re­fined GT, with a hint more ath­leti­cism than be­fore. This is a re­laxed car to drive, and that’s quite re­fresh­ing when most mod­ern GTs are rigidly con­trolled and stiff. The cabin is very quiet, the sus­pen­sion is soft and, al­though there’s a bit of kick­back through the sus­pen­sion and the chas­sis isn’t the most rigid, there’s a nice feel to the way it goes down a road.

It’s a car that con­sumes miles with ease – imag­ine, if you can, some­thing mid­way be­tween a Jag and a Bent­ley. The Silverstone Edi­tion doesn’t come with rear seats (though you can put them back in if you want), in­stead sup­ply­ing a cou­ple of stor­age lock­ers. Be­hind them, a long 502-litre load bay stretches far and flat enough to pro­vide all the suit/gown space you might need. And there’s a trick – a split tail­gate, the lower half of which con­tains a flip-out boot seat. Just the thing for those stately-home pic­nic-and-proms events.

But it’s £750k. You have to ap­pre­ci­ate the value is not in the speed or dy­nam­ics, but the crafts­man­ship, es­pe­cially the hand-rolled alu­minium body. Then re­mem­ber that of the

100 Speed­back GTs planned, only 10 will be the Silverstone Edi­tions, and for the typ­i­cal buyer this is not an ‘in­stead’, but an ‘as well’ pur­chase. They might only use their Sport­back GT for two pic­nics and a polo match each year, but it gives them a dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence to any­thing else they have in their col­lec­tion. OL­LIE MAR­RIAGE

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