Mercedes-AMG C63S

Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe £72,000 est.

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The C63 Coupe is the sort of car you make in­vol­un­tary noises around. “Ooof” at the swollen whee­larches – which the four-door C63 sa­loon and es­tate do with­out. “Hnnng” at the front wheel’s neg­a­tive cam­ber. And for 2018, “hmm” at the Han­ni­bal-mask front grille that’s been in­her­ited from the AMG GT R. Then, an “er­rrm” when you drop into the thinly padded bucket seat and at­tempt to set it up.

Hang­ing from the steer­ing wheel are two new, cheapo-plas­tic tog­gles. The right-hand dial is AMG’s ver­sion of the Fer­rari manet­tino. Twiz­zle it around and the car cy­cles through its fac­to­ryap­proved modes: Slip­pery, Com­fort, Sport,

Sport +, and in this C63S, Race.

Click the but­ton face it­self and no mat­ter which set­ting you’re in, you short­cut straight to your tai­lored In­di­vid­ual set­ting. It works well. Switch the trac­tion con­trol off and that lit­tle dial is now a nine-stage as­sis­tance-level ratchet. How big an ac­ci­dent would you like to have?

Mean­while, two but­tons on the left spoke switch from quiet to loud pipes, or be­tween the three sus­pen­sion moods, and so on (though why you’d ever de­fect from the gui­tar string-taut Com­fort ride is beyond me.)

Now, you hone your skills with the AMG Dy­nam­ics fea­ture. It’s like a driv­ing coach that lives in your dash and mod­i­fies the stan­dard-fit elec­tronic rear diff’s be­hav­iour. There are four modes: Ba­sic, Ad­vanced, Pro and a wor­ry­ingly ti­tled Mas­ter, which tickle the sta­bil­ity con­trol and diff lock-up from be­nign to tyre-wrecker.

Once it’s all tied down, revel in the re­sults. In Race mode, with t/c at at half­way, you’re left with enough to do – enough to catch, enough to en­joy – with­out feel­ing like “It’s-not-if-I-crash­but-when”. So, more ex­cuse to en­joy the mighty V8, meaty steer­ing and sub­lime bal­ance.

Un­like the vast ma­jor­ity of mod­ern fast cars, you’re get­ting a good chunk of the car’s abil­ity from it with­out the risk of fall­ing off and with­out go­ing ab­surdly fast. OL­LIE KEW

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