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Per­form bet­ter and re­cover quicker while sat­is­fy­ing your sweet tooth

The Ben­e­fits

Dark choco­late is high in fla­vanols, which have been shown to in­crease avail­able ni­tric ox­ide in the body. In­creases in ni­tric ox­ide help re­duce oxy­gen de­mands on the body. Re­search shows that cy­clists con­sum­ing 40g of dark choco­late per day for 14 days used less oxy­gen when cy­cling at a mod­er­ate pace and cov­ered more dis­tance in a two-minute, flat-out time trial. Dark choco­late is also high in an­tiox­i­dants, which are ex­cel­lent anti-in­flam­ma­to­ries and help aid re­cov­ery. This makes it per­fect for af­ter a race or event, es­pe­cially one tak­ing place over a few days. It prob­a­bly isn’t best to eat it af­ter nor­mal train­ing, as tak­ing lots of an­tiox­i­dants, in­clud­ing things like vi­ta­min C, can re­duce the adap­tions you gain from that ses­sion.

Tak­ing It On Board

A great way to in­cor­po­rate dark choco­late into your diet would be to make these tasty truf­fles:

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