Up­per Body Re­shape

This car­dio-ton­ing mix el­e­vates heart rate and shapes mus­cles

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Stand fac­ing a wall, slightly more than an arm’s length away. Lean for­ward and place your hands on the wall so that your arms are par­al­lel to the floor, shoul­der-width apart. Bend your el­bows and bring your chest for­ward un­til your fore­head nearly touches the wall. Hover for a count of three, then slowly re­turn to the start.


Sit on a chair, hold­ing a 1 kg or 2 kg dumb­bell. With your legs apart, lean your torso for­ward and rest your right el­bow on your right in­ner thigh. Curl the dumb­bell to­wards your chest, keep­ing your el­bow still and hold for a count of three. Slowly lower, re­peat for 30 secs, then switch sides.


Place two chairs 1 m apart, and lay a broom­stick across the seats. Sit on the floor be­tween the chairs. Bend your knees with feet flat on the floor, grab­bing the stick firmly with your hands shoul­der-width apart. Lean back to feel a stretch in your up­per back and shoul­ders and a strong con­trac­tion in your abs, then pull your up­per body to­wards the stick. Hold for three, then slowly lower (the broom should re­main steady.)


Lie on your right side on a mat, with your right el­bow un­der your shoul­der. Place your left hand on the floor, next to your other hand. Switch weight to your left hand as you reach your right arm around the front of your chest, to hold your left shoul­der. Now bend your left arm, bring­ing your right shoul­der to the ground. Hold for a count of three and re­turn to start­ing po­si­tion. After 30 secs, switch sides.

BENCH STEP-UPS Stand fac­ing a bench, step board or lower stair tread. Quickly step up with your right foot then your left, then step down with your right foot, fol­lowed by your left. Re­peat, mov­ing com­fort­ably as fast as you can. After 30 secs, switch legs.

HIGH KNEE LIFTS Jog in place, bring­ing each knee up un­til your thigh is par­al­lel with the floor.

FOOT DRILL Stand with feet shoul­der-width apart. Run in place as fast as you can. Take the odd 10-sec break to jog if needed.

WALL SLIDES Stand with your back a few cen­time­tres from a wall. Raise both arms, then bend arms so your el­bows are bent be­low the shoul­der. Push arms into the wall, and slowly slide your hands up above your head, un­til you feel a stretch in your shoul­ders. Keep your back flat.

Tip: This is such a sim­ple work­out to fit in ev­ery morn­ing: Just set your alarm 10 mins ear­lier! Bonus: You’ll boost your me­tab­o­lism for hours after­wards.

TIP: You can use a plas­tic bot­tle in­stead of a dumb­bell.

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