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The key to glow­ing and healthy skin starts from the di­ges­tive sys­tem. When you con­sume too much re­fined food, you may have nu­tri­tional de­fi­cien­cies and de­pleted healthy gut flora that can cause a plethora of health is­sues, in­clud­ing blem­ishes, acne, eczema, rosacea, rashes, wrin­kles and a sal­low com­plex­ion.

“When undi­gested food sits in the di­ges­tive tract, our sys­tem be­comes blocked with tox­ins from rot­ting foods and mu­cus be­gins to build up along the in­testi­nal walls,” says der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr Michael Rich. “This mu­cus pre­vents healthy nu­tri­ent ab­sorp­tion and waste elim­i­na­tion. One of the first places that this in­testi­nal prob­lem ap­pears is on your skin.”

Dr Rich rec­om­mends smooth­ies, as op­posed to juices, for skin health. Smooth­ies tend to have more fi­bre to keep the di­ges­tive tract healthy while slow­ing down sugar ab­sorp­tion at the same time.

“If your diet is crossing all the nu­tri­tional spec­trums and you stay hy­drated as well as move your body daily, you will start to feel a shift in your skin,” he says.

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