Not all liq­uids are cre­ated equal when it comes to re­hy­drat­ing…

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Cana­dian re­searchers found milk to be su­pe­rior to sports drinks and wa­ter for pos­tex­er­cise hy­dra­tion, due to its pro­tein, carb, cal­cium and elec­trolyte con­tent.

Co­conut wa­ter:

High in potas­sium, and low in carbs and calo­ries, co­conut wa­ter is one splurge you should con­sider.

Tea & cof­fee:

In re­cent years, caf­feine’s di­uretic prop­er­ties have been played down, so tea, green tea and not-toost­rong cof­fee are all ac­cept­able meth­ods of re­hy­drat­ing.

Hy­drat­ing foods:

Wa­ter­melon, cu­cum­ber, straw­ber­ries, cel­ery and let­tuce are all top re­hy­drat­ing foods, con­tain­ing more than 90 per cent wa­ter.

And let’s hear it for H O:

Try adding le­mon, lime, or a few rasp­ber­ries and sprigs of mint to still or sparkling wa­ter.

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