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Specif­i­cally tai­lored for skin re­ju­ve­na­tion and pig­men­ta­tion, the Novu Aes­thet­ics P+ Laser Treat­ment, RM552 (4 ses­sions), deep cleanses pores by evap­o­rat­ing de­bris clogs and slows down oil pro­duc­tion. Pig­men­ta­tion re­duced by Se­lec­tive Pho­tother­mol­y­sis breaks down the melanin clus­ters below the skin’s sur­face and con­trols any new for­ma­tion of melanin. All this with­out caus­ing any dam­age to the sur­round­ing skin.

The AS­TUTE Flaw­less Skin Laser Treat­ment, RM250 per ses­sion (30 mins), uses min­i­mally in­va­sive bipolar ra­diofre­quency tech­nol­ogy, Syl­firm. Syl­firm tar­gets ab­nor­mal blood ves­sels in the der­mis that con­trib­ute to the de­vel­op­ment of rosacea and melasma, treat­ing the prob­lem at its root cause with­out dam­ag­ing the epi­der­mis .

Us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of high-tech equip­ment, the Sis­ley Phyto-Aro­matic Fa­cial Treat­ment, RM371 (90 mins), pro­motes com­fort and mois­ture to your skin. It also de­lays the age­ing process and re­pairs ex­ist­ing dam­age, re­sult­ing in a younger and firmer com­plex­ion.

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