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A chat with Max­i­m­il­ian Busser of MB&F

How does your sched­ule in a year look?

The ‘book-ends’ are the cra­zi­est, mean­ing the first three months of the year with SIHH and Basel­world (we par­tic­i­pate in both) and the last four months where our lit­tle brand par­tic­i­pates in about 10 watch­mak­ing events world­wide. So I tend to be much more cre­ative be­tween April and Septem­ber when there are fewer op­er­a­tional dis­trac­tions.

do you find time for hol­i­days?

Now that I have a fam­ily, I do. Be­fore I could go for a cou­ple of years without. My com­pany was my life. As we live in Dubai next to the sea, hol­i­days are mostly hik­ing around moun­tains dur­ing sum­mer or vis­it­ing north­ern Euro­pean re­gions. We had five fan­tas­tic days in Stock­holm last year.

have your cre­ative pro­cesses changed over the years?

Very much so. 12 years ago at the be­gin­ning of MB&F, I doo­dled and sketched, let­ting my pen­cil roam con­sciously or un­con­sciously on the pa­per. Now, con­cepts just ‘ap­pear’ in my head. It is weird and of­ten un­nerv­ing. An idea will just form it­self in my mind and I can play with it in 3D as if it was a com­puter CAD pro­gram.

what is the most im­por­tant thing mb&f has taught you?

An im­por­tant les­son is that my ideas are worth noth­ing without all the tal­ented peo­ple around me who trans­form th­ese ideas into re­al­ity.

what projects are you cur­rently work­ing on?

Too many! New MB&F Horo­log­i­cal and Legacy Ma­chines, per­for­mance art pieces with fel­lowcre­ators, co-cre­ations we are de­sign­ing for our friends from L’epée, Caran d’ache and oth­ers, and the artists we are cu­rat­ing in our MAD Gal­leries. My mind is a lit­tle clut­tered! Oh, I am work­ing on a sec­ond brand which I hope to maybe launch at the end of 2018 or in early 2019.

YTL Life catches up with the founder of ex­per­i­men­tal watch brand MB&F to find out about his cre­ative pro­cesses, fam­ily hol­i­days and peri­patetic life.

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