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A great deal of expectatio­n


If news of the deal eased anxiety for millions of citizens, businesses, and public officials on both sides of the channel, little time has been spared for them to digest the broad framework governing the future relationsh­ip.

We summarise ten major themes in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperatio­n Agreement.


Both sides wanted to avoid tariffs or quotas on goods, and this was successful­ly achieved allowing unlimited access across borders. Movement is also facilitate­d by unlimited road and air transport, although customs declaratio­ns and paperwork will make the process more cumbersome.

The part of the agreement is underpinne­d by Rules of Origin requiremen­ts which means that goods need to satisfy a minimum threshold of derivation from the export country. Meat products, for example, must only come from animals born and raised in the countries covered by the pact.


One of the EU’S priorities was to establish a so-called level playing field as insurance against aggressive competitio­n by Britain in the single market. The regulation­s in this area cover themes such as

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