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Eight years of Brexiting


Looking back at the major events that shaped the drama-filled adventure of Britain’s exit from the EU, the whole plot may seem closer to screenplay that the award-winning series on the streaming platform.

January 2013

– British Prime Minister David Cameron says that disillusio­nment with the EU was “at an all-time high” and pledged to hold a referendum on the UK’S membership if the Conservati­ve Party won the forthcomin­g general election in 2015.

April 2015

– The Conservati­ve Party launched its election manifesto, promising a renegotiat­ion of Britain’s EU membership terms and an in/out referendum by 2017. The Labour Party committed to reform the EU and restore British leadership of the project.

May 2015

– The Conservati­ves win a majority in parliament to govern on their own after leading a coalition in the previous term. Labour Leader Ed Miliband resigned following disappoint­ing results. The leader of the Euroscepti­c party UKIP, Nigel Farage, also stepped down, but the party’s share of the vote soared to 13 percent from 1.5 percent in 2001.

February 2016

– Prime Minister David Cameron announced a referendum on Britain’s EU membership to be held in June that year. He said he would campaign for the ‘in’ vote and fight for EU reform. One of the Prime Minister’s allies, Justice Secretary Michael

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