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Governing the EU-UK cooperatio­n


The Joint Partnershi­p Council is a body with an equal share of representa­tives from both parts of the agreement as well as independen­t experts and is co-chaired by an EU official and a UK Minister. The system is not dissimilar to other arrangemen­ts between countries that have trade deals, such as the one between the EU and Canada.

The structure is tasked with overseeing the trade agreement and its protocols, and discussing any issues arising from them. As a body, it is limited to the deal itself and does not provide a forum for any bilateral dialogue outside the remit of the signed pact. An incredibly complex setup, the main council is supported by nine other sub-committees, ten focused units, and four specialise­d working groups each monitoring a specific area of the EU-UK relation spelled out in the trade agreement.

Now that the Court of Justice of the EU no longer extends influence over the UK, any trade disputes between the two sides will seek settlement through the newly-formed JCP. In most cases, disagreeme­nts are expected to pursue diplomatic resolution through the Council, but the deal empowers the partners to apply retaliatio­n measures against one another – including the suspension of parts of the agreement – if one side feels that the other is not fulfilling its obligation­s.

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