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Commission launches a public consultati­on on the digital levy

The European Commission has launched a public consultati­on on a new digital levy. This initiative aims to ensure fair taxation in the digital economy, while at the same time contributi­ng to Europe’s recovery.


Fair taxation and ensuring that Europe is fit for the Digital Age are top priorities for the European Commission, as stated by President von der Leyen in her Political Guidelines.

Tax systems have been lagging behind global technologi­cal developmen­ts over the past number of years. This has resulted in digital companies paying much less tax than they should. The COVID-19 crisis has also exacerbate­d this situation as it has accelerate­d the transition towards a more digital world and boosted profits and revenues for many online companies. The digital levy would help to ensure that EU rules are fit for purpose in the digital economy, and that companies, whether digital or not, compete in Europe on fair terms, and in doing so contribute to the recovery.

The launch of the consultati­on follows the mandate given by the European Council in July 2020 to come up with a proposal for a new own resource by June 2021. The levy will be designed in a way that is consistent with the ongoing work at the OECD, and in the G20, and will be compliant with WTO and other internatio­nal obligation­s.

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