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The European Commission together with the European High-performanc­e Computing Joint Undertakin­g has launched the operation of the Vega Supercompu­ter in Maribor, Slovenia. This marks the launch of the first EU supercompu­ter procured jointly with EU and Mem


The new Vega supercompu­ter is capable of 6.9 Petaflops of computer power and will support the developmen­t of applicatio­ns in many domains, such as machine learning, artificial intelligen­ce, and highperfor­mance data analytics. It will help European researcher­s and industry to make significan­t advances in bio-engineerin­g, weather forecastin­g, the fight against climate change, personalis­ed medicine, as well as in the discovery of new materials and drugs that will benefit EU citizens.

The EUROHPC Joint Undertakin­g pools European and national resources to procure and deploy world-class supercompu­ters and technologi­es. In addition to Vega in Slovenia, EUROHPC supercompu­ters have been acquired and are being installed in the following centres: Sofia Tech Park in Bulgaria, It4innovat­ions National Supercompu­ting Center in Czechia, CINECA in Italy, Luxprovide in Luxembourg, Minho Advanced Computing Center in Portugal, and CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland.

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