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The overall ratio between teachers and the student population stood at 9.2 in the academic year 2018-2019. Data by the National Statistics Office shows that the ratio was lowest in state schools with 8.3 students per teacher. It rose to 11.2 in church schools and 12.4 in private schools.

The total number of teachers and academic staff was 9,317, an increase of 2.0 percent from the preceding year. Slightly over a quarter of these were engaged in upper secondary and post-secondary education while 22 percent worked in primary education. Nearly 2,000 teachers taught at lower secondary levels and 876 were engaged in pre-primary education. Academic staff at tertiary institutio­ns numbered 1,958.

Almost 3,000 teachers and academic staff were in the 30-39 age group, the largest cohort, followed by the 40-49 bracket numbering 2,389 profession­als. Slightly less than 2,000 were under 29 years while staff aged between 50 and 59 numbered 1,464. A further 520 were 60 and over.

Non-teaching staff increased by 1.8 percent in 2018-2019 to 8,121. Maintenanc­e personnel made 650 of this group, the largest category followed by teacher aides (597) and school level management (338). Administra­tive personnel decreased by 17 percent year-on-year, counting 192 by the end of the 2019 academic year.

Further reductions were observed in pedagogica­l support workers, down from 79 to 73, and health and social support staff, from 44 to 41.

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