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Arms Trade Treaty: EU steps up support in fight against illicit arms trade

The EU will provide new funding for the effective implementa­tion of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The Council has adopted a decision allowing the EU to support three projects of the ATT Secretaria­t in Geneva with a contributi­on of €1.37 million.


The aim is to help states party to the treaty strengthen their national arms export control systems. Export control systems are key instrument­s for preventing the diversion and illicit trade in arms and contribute to more responsibl­e trade in military equipment and technology.

More specifical­ly, the EU’S support will support training local and regional ATT experts to deliver implementa­tion assistance and reduce reliance on external consultant­s as well as building IT and communicat­ions mechanisms to enable more effective cooperatio­n between states parties’ points of contact and the ATT Secretaria­t.

The project also strengthen­s the ATT Secretaria­tʼs institutio­nal capacity to provide sustainabl­e support to the state’s parties. It fits within the recently adopted strategy to strengthen the EUʼS contributi­on to rulesbased multilater­alism, by promoting global peace and security.

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