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Television Malta produces a documentar­y on 150-year old Maltese community in Izmir


TVM crew features in Turkish programme to be aired on TRT Belgesel HD

The cooperatio­n agreement signed between Public Broadcasti­ng Services Ltd of Malta and Turkey’s Radio Television Corporatio­n paved the way for a Maltese TV crew to visit Izmir and produce a number of documentar­ies on the city and its people.

The documentar­y Farkli Bakis will be aired this Saturday on TRT Belgesel HD in Turkey; while the first of two episodes from the documentar­y Maltin f’Izmir will be aired on TVM on Sunday, 6 March.

PBS Chairman Tonio Portughese spoke of the reciprocal benefits emanating from this co-operation agreement signed last year between the national public broadcasti­ng entities of Malta and Turkey. TVM and TRT are collaborat­ing in the production of well-researched and high-quality documentar­ies. The agreement offers new opportunit­ies through which the Maltese and Turkish television audiences are presented with programmes on each other’s heritage and culture. Dr Portughese said that TRT and PBS share a common vision when it comes to radio and television and they collaborat­e closely within the European Broadcasti­ng Union (EBU) as well.

Farkli Bakis ( A Different Perspectiv­e), produced by TRT, follows the Maltese TV crew around the city of Izmir and the provinces of Izmir and Denizli. Sarah-Lee Zammit, Leslie Galea and Mario Xuereb accompany Ali Mert Özgün and Begüm Hazal Demircan as they indulge in the sights and sounds of western Anatolia, and discover the charm of places like Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Pergamon and the sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Ephesus. Focus shifts swiftly from the natural beauty of the places, to their historical, musical, cultural and gastronomi­c legacies. This third instalment of a TRT documentar­y with a Maltese element, will be aired on TRT Belgesel HD on Saturday, 27 March.

Television Malta has also pro- duced two documentar­ies which seek to shed light on the history of emigration and on the Maltese community that settled in Izmir in the second half of the 19th century.

The documentar­y, aptly named Maltin f’Izmir (Maltese in Izmir) deals with the history of this community that in the early 20th century was made up of at least 3,000 people. One hundred fifty years and five generation­s later, the Maltese in Izmir number less than a hundred. The documentar­y tells their story in the context of the wider Turkish and eastern Mediterran­ean history.

With the aid of Professor Henry Frendo, a historian who has researched extensivel­y into the history of migration, Mario Xuereb and Sarah-Lee Zammit meet a few of the surviving members of this community and try to get to grips with the challenges of migration and integratio­n with which all the Levantines, including the Maltese, were faced with.

Maltin f’Izmir will be aired on Sunday 6 March at 6.45pm on TVM.

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