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Fight at Vittoriosa feast lands man in court


An argument between fans of rival band clubs at the Vittoriosa feast on Sunday ended up with one man needing stitches and another in the dock for hitting him with a flowerpot.

Police Inspector Oriana Spiteri arraigned 40-year-old Cleansing Department employee Sandro Calleja before magistrate Francesco Depasquale this afternoon on charges of grievous bodily harm, attacking the man, threatenin­g him and breaching the peace.

Accounts of the incident are unclear and contradict­ory.

It is understood that a drunken argument had erupted between Calleja and a supporter of a rival band club yesterday at around 1pm. Calleja claims he was grabbed by the throat and pushed against a wall. He had then hit his assailant with a plastic flowerpot, leaving him needing stitches to the head. The assailant is due to be separately charged with causing slight injury.

But other sources told this newspaper that the injured person had been with his family and young son when he was set upon and savagely beaten up by a group of men which included the accused. What is certain is that it followed an argument sparked off by jibes between supporters of rival band clubs.

In court yesterday, defence lawyers Lucio Sciriha and Franco Galea entered a plea of not guilty and requested bail.

Magistrate Depasquale released the man from arrest on condition that he sign a bail book twice weekly and observe a 7pm curfew during the week of the feast. He was ordered to make good for these conditions with a €5,000 personal guarantee.

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