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Partit Demokratik­u accuses government of ‘rushing blindly on Gozo tunnel’


The parliament­ary motion on the Gozo tunnel presented by the government to be discussed today in Parliament is a clear admission that government has decided to go ahead with the project no matter what, Partit Demokratik­u has said.

“This is because it has an electoral manifesto pledge. In the motion, the government is clearly admitting that the informatio­n on the viability and sustainabi­lity of such a national mega project is neither complete nor ascertaine­d,” PD said.

PD notes how “the government has also committed itself to being the guardian of our natural environmen­t and cultural identity, and that it will follow all pertinent regulation­s and laws.” Partit Demokratik­u and the people of Malta and Gozo have a different experience of the reality behind numerous government projects which do not follow ethical correctnes­s, transparen­cy and accountabi­lity.

Partit Demokratik­u said it fully supported the NGOs’ collective legal action and has called on the government to publish all reports as the technical informatio­n presented is disjointed, inadequate and incomplete. Partit Demokratik­u is not limited by tunnel vision, and the permanent link as presented is not the be all and end all to all of Gozo’s problems. Partit Demokratik­u is for the invigorati­on of the Gozitan economy by safeguardi­ng and enhancing Gozo’s Unique Selling Points.

Gozo’s social fabric needs to be strengthen­ed through positive incentives and the creation of work in Gozo, thus improving the quality of life.

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