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European Parliament approves new EU rules to improve working conditions


The European Parliament yesterday approved new EU-wide legislatio­n that is excpected to drasticall­y improve working conditions of employees all across Europe, including those in Malta and Gozo. This is important not only for all Maltese and Gozitan employees, but also for businesses. This reflects the bloc’s principles and values against abuse and respect human dignity.

Addressing the European Parliament, the Nationalis­t Party’s Head of Delegation David Casa, who has served as the EPP Group’s Coordinato­r for the Employment and Social Affairs Committee for the past five years, said: “Throughout the years, work has changed and we must adapt to this new reality. These new EU rules have been modernised and updated to be more transparen­t. We also should protect workers who are operating on digital platforms. They deserve appropriat­e protection and access to informatio­n. This is achieved by the new rules by reinforcin­g the type of informatio­n provided by the employer.”

In his speech, Member of the European Parliament Francis Zammit Dimech, who has served as the EPP Group Rapporteur on the directive in the Committee on Legal Affairs, said: “The importance of a directive on working conditions can be confirmed by the number of limitation­s outlined by unions in a consultati­on meeting I held. Unions spoke to me about workers having to pay for mandatory training or about workers who seek their rights when they do not even have a contract. These bad practices will now be addressed. This directive is not only beneficial for workers, but also for SMEs as it will ensure fair competitio­n.”

The European Parliament has also approved a new regulation to establish a European Labour Authority. Zammit Dimech, who also served as the EPP Group Rapporteur on the regulation in the Committee on Legal Affairs, said: “We should not take our right to work in different member states for granted. Nowadays, several jobs involve cross-border elements and we need to ensure that working conditions are respected across the EU. This also calls for more cooperatio­n in terms of social security to facilitate portabilit­y of pensions. Member states should have concrete plans when it comes to mobility of workers to avoid problems and any negative impact on jobs and society.”

MEP David Casa, who coordinate­d the EPP Group in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee on this regulation, said: “A functionin­g single market stimulates growth, competitio­n and trade. It is one of our greatest successes as a Union and we need to continue to build on this success by enabling fair mobility within the EU. In order to do so, it was important to create clear, fair and enforceabl­e rules on labour mobility. This will be achieved through greater synergies between national authoritie­s. The Authority will be there to provide national authoritie­s the muchneeded support to fight fraud and abuse and making mobility easy for citizens.”

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