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People being ‘stolen’ from because of miscalcula­ted water and electricit­y bills

- ■ Albert Galea

Thousands of people are being “stolen” from by miscalcula­ted water and energy bills, with some people paying hundreds of euros more than they should be, the Nationalis­t Party said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Addressing the press conference, PN Deputy Leader David Agius said that the PN has some 1,250 bills from different people – with these bills being brought to the party up to this very day – which all show miscalcula­tions in them.

He cited one specific case of a person who incidental­ly brought his bill to the party yesterday, saying that this person is being faced with a bill of €15,000 and the threat of his service being cut if the sum is not paid. Agius also mentioned that there were problems when it came to the calculatio­n of the bill of those who own solar panels as well.

Agius said that the PN did not want to make a political ballgame out of this issue and was ready to help the government in solving this issue and in sending the correct bills. Agius then continued by saying that the PN in government would ensure that all those who have had money “stolen” from them due to these miscalcula­tions would be refunded.

Agius also made reference to Malta’s National Energy and Climate Plan for 2030, saying that the government had submitted this document to the European Commission, which will affect future legislatur­es, without consulting the Opposition and refused to publish it.

The European Commission has since published the document for all to see and Agius pinpointed that the document states that the government serving in the next legislatur­e will have to increase the price of water and electricit­y in 2022 as the current gas deal expires.

“It’s no wonder that the socialist government wanted this plan to stay hidden”, Agius said.

PN MEP candidate Michael Briguglio meanwhile said that in the coming weeks, the party would be building on the foundation­s laid by their proposals for the environmen­t, with more proposals which target sustainabi­lity and effectiven­ess.

Briguglio said that in the coming days the PN will be releasing proposals to tackle noise pollution and light pollution, both areas which, he said, the Labour party had promised to deal with but thus far have not.

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