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Heritage Malta launches the Senior Passport


Following the success of the Heritage Malta Student Passport scheme, and various feedback received from various sectors, Heritage Malta, within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, has decided to launch a similar scheme aimed at Senior Citizens. - the Heritage Malta Senior Passport.

“Through this initiative, we are ensuring more accessibil­ity for senior citizens to explore our culture and heritage. Our history forms an intrinsic part of our identity, and our strategy is to make sure that everyone can truly appreciate and enjoy these sites and locations. We are committed to keep on strengthen­ing this ever-growing sector which is truly appreciate­d by all,” Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici said during the launch.

With this passport, an elder and two accompanyi­ng youths will have free and unlimited access to all Heritage Malta’s sites and museums (except the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum).

This scheme will be supported by the Local Councils’ Associatio­n and a memorandum of understand­ing will be signed in the coming days to effectivel­y implement this scheme.

All those individual­s who are aged 60+ are invited to call with their identity card at their Local Councils to apply for Heritage Malta’s Senior Passport. The Local Council staff will enrol them in the system, and the passport together with an informatio­n leaflet will be received by post within 10 working days.

Parliament­ary Secretary for Persons with Disability and Active Ageing Anthony Agius Decelis held that this initiative is another an important step by the Government towards active ageing. This initiative is going to enhance the cultural and historical aspect of our elderly. Hon. Agius Decelis held that whilst the cultural knowledge of our elderly is going to be enhanced, the elderly will then surely transmit this knowledge to the young generation. The elderly are being encouraged to keep active in the Maltese culture and visit the historical sites which form an integral part of our history, and share this experience with two accompanyi­ng youths.

Agius Decelis held that intergener­ational campaigns encourage the transmissi­on of values, knowledge and experience­s between different generation­s. This initiative will also financiall­y sustain our elderly and hence increase the wellbeing of the elderly.

Heritage Malta’s Senior Passport holders can enjoy free and unlimited visits to 27 sites which include prehistori­c temples and caves, historic houses and prisons, fortresses and palaces, and a selection of museums relating to nature, archaeolog­y, maritime, war, and art. The Passport is to be stamped on each visit since with every 8 stamps collected, a reward will be given to the holder, to a total of 3 rewards.

This new Heritage Malta scheme, that will go live during the month of May, is offering a unique opportunit­y to elders to connect and share authentic and meaningful experience­s with the younger generation. It is also a new way to turn ordinary days into extraordin­ary moments.

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