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Jurgen Azzopardi wins the 2019 Mini-car Demolition Derby

- Photo by Mario Micallef

On Sunday 14th April 2019 Assocjazzj­oni Sport Muturi u Karozzi organized the eighth event of the National Autocross Championsh­ip organized by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti 2018/2019.

The day’s program came to an end by the crowd pulling Demolition for cars of 4 meters in lenght.

For this edition of Demolition 54 competitor­s were registered but on the eve of the race only 50 cars passed the Scrutineer­ing tests.

Because of the storm on Sunday morning the event had to be postponed for the 14th April when the Executive Committee informed that all cars are to be kept in the ASMK Complex in Ta’ Qali until the event is held.

This decision was taken by the ASMK Committee to ensure that no vehicles be modified or altered against the regulation­s after they were granted Passed Test.

In light of this situation it was decided that the cars be kept in the ASMK Complex in Ta' Qali while being guarded 24/7 by the CCTV system.

But on the night of Sunday April 7th a small number of drivers alleged that the cars in the ASMK Paddock were be touched by some third parties.

In view of this situation these competitor­s requested the organizers to open the main gate so they will take their cars back home and so was done. Eight competitor­s withdrew their competitio­n cars from the Complex which resulted in an automatic resignatio­n from the competitio­n as they were so advised too. The Executive Committee investigat­ed this issue which resulted in false allegation­s and an excuse for the complainin­g competitor­s to take their cars back home.

Despite several requests made by these competitor­s to re-enter in the competitio­n the Executive Committee refused their request more than once.

Meanwhile the competitor­s eligible to participat­e were: Frans Bowell and Julian Mayo both on a Ford Fiesta, Brandon Attard on VW Polo, Fernando Cremona on a Renault Clio, Brian Lawrence Mascari on a Kia Avella, Kyran Mascari on a Kia Pride, Adrian Bonnici on a Peugeot 205, Jurgen Gatt on a VW Polo, Josmar Farrugia on a Hyundai Pony, Josuha Peplow on a Kia Avella, Luca Mifsud on a J10 Subaru, Charles Clint Calleja on a Kia Avella, Larkin Butler on Ford Fiesta, Wayne Mallia on a Fiat Uno, Clayton Gravina on a Peugeot 205, Thomas Galea on a Fiat Uno, Daimler Micallef on a Lada Samara, Eman Farrugia on a Toyota Starlet, Antoine Cassar on a Peugeot 306, Leo Butler on a Lada Samara, Clint Farrugia on a Mazda 1200, Marlon Caruana on a Kia Avella, Christian Cremona and Mauro Cassar both on a VW Polo, the Peugeot 205 of Jurgen Azzopardi, Pierre Carabott on a Peugeot 205, the Peugeot 106 of Jonathan Galea, Josuha Bowell on a Ford Fiesta, Massimo Borg on a Daihatsu Charade, Jason Magro on a Fiat Bravo, Philip Mangion on a Tata Indica, Edward Zammit, Matthew Mallia and Mario Magro all three on a Skoda Favorit each, Clayton Tanti on a Fiat Uno, Omar Fouad Tayel on a Peugeot 106, Michael Delia on a Kia Avella, Charlie Falzon on a Lada Samara, Theo Grazino Camilleri on a Peugeot 306 and Jurgen Vassallo on a Peugeot 106.

Right at 3pm the drivers and helpers were allowed to access the closed paddock to start preparing their cars to approach the Start Line. As officially granted the cars started making their two exhibition laps to show their coloured decorated cars before being demolished.

Following these two Laps the Demolition began giving the spectacle which lasted 40 minutes of controlled collisions. After the first 10 minutes we saw the first car being abandoned and thereafter one after the other all were abandoned until the last few remaining cars.

In the last 15 minutes of banging for survival a trio was composed by Kyran Mascari on his Kia Pride, Larkin Butler on his Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 205 of Jurgen Azzopardi.

During the last combat Mascari was seen to retire despite his car engine was running but the car was not moving. This was the first time Mascari secured Third place in such a game.

In the last few minutes we only saw Jurgen Azzopardi and Larkin Butler with the latter tying to give his last mortal blow on his opponent’s car. At this same time Azzopardi had his car extensivel­y damaged but his engine was still running and his car was still moving.

Soon Larkin had his car starting to take fire which was controlled in a short while. Despite this Larkin managed to re-start his engine again which again resulted in his car to catch fire again but now he was instructed to abandon his car by one of the referees.

So Larkin retired but he ensured his Runner-Up placing in this Demolition edition. Meanwhile Jurgen Azzopardi on his Peugeot 205 secured his first win ever in the '2019 Mini Car Demolition’.

Next Demolition Derby to be organized by ASMK is the ‘Van Demolition Derby 2019’.

This next event is expected to be held in July 2019. Further details such as Event Date and Registrati­on Date will be announced in the near future. ASMK is considerin­g another request to organize another Small Car Demolition for Lady drivers only.

This issue will be discussed and decided by the ASMK Executive Committee in the coming days.

More informatio­n can found on the website of the Associatio­ or Facebook pages named:- A.S.M.K. Malta or:Assocjazzj­oni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can make contact by email:- or Mobile 9942 5489.

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