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Mexico president sets aside education reform


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ordered his Cabinet ministers Tuesday to ignore the education reforms put in place by the previous administra­tion while congress tries to work out replacemen­t legislatio­n. López Obrador sent a memorandum saying the reforms he promised to repeal upon taking office should no longer guide government actions. He said congress is trying to reach consensus with teacher unions and parents on new legislatio­n. His instructio­ns also said the treasury ministry will control the teachers’ payroll. The constituti­onal changes passed under President Enrique Peña Nieto aimed to modernize Mexico’s public schools and take control from the powerful teachers’ unions. The overhaul called for examinatio­ns and evaluation­s for teachers, and it ended union control of hiring and promotions of teachers. It also sought to end the practice of teachers selling their posts to others. The president’s decree drew criticism from some opposition legislator­s as well as others. Former supreme court justice José Ramón Cossío said via Twitter that López Obrador’s move would be easily challenged in court. René Jiménez, coordinato­r for the Peña Nieto’s Institutio­nal Revolution­ary Party, called the order “an unconstitu­tional act.”

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