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Dingli, Mosta are the new champions


DINGLI and MOSTA are the new champions of their respective division, a title well deserved by both.

Dingli in their last game against MELITA gave a football demostrati­on, an attacing side, very attractive. They dominated all out and put their opponents in a difficult situation to avoid relegation. DINGLI were the most consisent side throughout the season. They lost only one game, and this was after series of 12games. For DINGLI this is their second championsh­ip they won. The first was three seasons ago when they were still known as DESANA VINTAGE.

Nobody argue the fact that when they registered the services of ex B’Kara player Gareth Sciberras the team was now complete in all department­s.

Gareth is an all rounder for Masters Football, well experience­d. He is at his best in the middle where he dominates, inspiring his colleagues.

He knows well when he has tp help his teamates in attack and he is also alert when there is an opportunit­y to score goals. The team in such a form, is also being considered by many to win the last honour, the KONICA Masters Knock Out. MELITA did their best but could not match their opponents and were well beaten 145.

From the same MAPFRE/MSV Life MASTERS PREMIER LEAGUE, therelegat­ion struggle is still going on with four teams imvolved. We have to wait untilthela­stgames to determine which two teams will be relegated. VALLETTA are playng well and is excellent. This was shown in their game agasinsd t MELITA winnning 8-4.

The first half was well balancd and finished 1-1, but in the second half Valletta played some excellent moves withNikola­i Filipov being the protoganis­t, and they controlled so well that they were in trouble of losing the game. The introducat­ion of some experience­d players made all the difference in the team. Melita again disappoint­ed and were now so different, even though Michael Galea again being his usual self, scoring four.

In the CISK MASTERS DIVISION ON LEAGUE, MOSTA SHAGGY made sure of winning the championsh­ips after beating TAL-QROQQ 7-5.

Mosta Shaggys when being at full strenght, they can beat everybody even teams from the Premier Division where they wil returnnext season. Even tough lately they lost some of their superiorit­y , ingeneral they deserved the honour.

They were the most consistent throughout the season. TalQroqq started well taking a two goal lead, bothscored by their talented dangerous forward Carlo Leonardi.

But Mosta with some experience­d players were determined to make sure of winning and came back srongly and changed the score to 3-2 in their favour.

After the break TAL-QROQQ got level and somehow lead 4-3 but Mosta made a strsong reaction to score four consecutiv­e goals towin three preciouspo­ints to make sure of being champions and return to Premier football.

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