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The use of medical cannabis with chronic pain


to face another day in so much agony.”

Clare said that the prescribed medication would only make her worse. Although the pain might dwindle slightly, the side effects were too much to handle, as her vision would become blurred and she felt more tired than she did before.

“I am thankful to hear about the cannabidio­l (CBD) and how it treats chronic pain, anxiety and depression.” She said that with the help of CBD she can now get out of bed, get in her car, work and continue her daily life also as a mother and wife.

When asked whether it was difficult to obtain the CBD, she said that unlike in Malta, CBD could be purchased over the counter in health shops all over Europe. “In Malta you have to go through a long process and a lot of hassle to obtain CBD, and it does not help that the medication is not available in pharmacies.”

She explained that it is not fair to have to choose between buying CBD illegally or go through all the misery of a life without CBD. Although she has the control card, in Malta there is only one type of marijuana medication and it is very expensive.

She explained that there is not enough focus on chronic pain patients. “After suffering for so many years, now that I can finally control and treat my pain, why is it so difficult to obtain this medication? Our country considers all components of this drug as narcotic/psychotrop­ic, when in fact it is even emphasised by the World Health Organisati­on that CBD is a form of safe medication. This form of medication has been hidden from us for all these years, as we continue to suffer for no reason when there is proper treatment.”

Claire explained that she has encountere­d medical staff who are not well-informed regarding CBD or medical marijuana, whilst the Government focuses on bringing companies to produce marijuana.

“There is all this hype to bring these companies to Malta, but then there is no focus on the patients and their own well-being.”

The fact that patients like her have to obtain their medication from abroad brings on another form of stress that they will get caught or get in trouble with the authoritie­s. “Why should I always have this feeling of guilt and worry when this medication could help me to continue working and be there for my family?”

She stressed that people need to become more aware of this medication, and that at the end of the day many other forms of medication can be abused of and used recreation­ally.

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