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22.8% share of Malta’s value added by foreign-controlled enterprise­s in the nonfinanci­al business economy – Eurostat


There was a 22.8% share of value added by foreign-controlled enterprise­s in the non-financial business economy in Malta in 2016, statistics published by Eurostat – the European Union’s statistics body – show.

This puts Malta on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of the share of value added, with the EU average being that of 25%.

The countries with the highest shares of value added by foreigncon­trolled enterprise­s in 2016 were Hungary (51.4%), Slovakia (48.1%) and Luxembourg (44.6%). In contrast, four EU Member States had shares under 20%: Cyprus (13.4%), Italy (15.8%), Greece (16.3%) and France (16.4%). Spain and Denmark also have a lower share of value added when compared to Malta.

Statistics on the structure and activity of foreign affiliates provide informatio­n that can be used to assess the impact of foreigncon­trolled enterprise­s on the European economy. A foreign affiliate is defined by Eurostat as an enterprise resident in a country which is under the control of an institutio­nal unit not resident in the same country.

In 2016, 1.2% of enterprise­s in the European Union (EU) were foreign-controlled. They accounted for 15.3 % of EU employment and 25.0% of the value added in the non-financial business economy. Between 2010 and 2016, the share of value added by foreign-controlled enterprise­s in the EU rose by 2.3 percentage points, Eurostat said.

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