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Sudan protesters to name civilian council, pressure military


A leading organizer says Sudan’s protest movement hopes to “exert more pressure” on the ruling military by announcing the compositio­n of a civilian transition­al council Sunday. Mohammed al-Asam of the Sudanese Profession­als Associatio­n tells The Associated Press that “we are ready with a clear plan for a transition with qualified names.” The associatio­n drove four months of protests that led to the ouster and arrest of Sudan’s leader Omar al-Bashir earlier this month. Al-Bashir was replaced by a military council. Protesters demand a speedy transition to civilian rule. Al-Asam, a 28-year-old doctor, said in an interview late Saturday that the military council is becoming more powerful every day and that “this is dangerous to the revolution.” He says protesters also demand the arrests of additional members of the al-Bashir regime.

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