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PN issues proposals to aid the voluntary sector


The Nationalis­t party yesterday issued several proposals to help the voluntary sector.

PN MPs Kevin Cutajar, Claudette Buttigieg and Ivan Bartolo presented an extensive list of the party’s proposals for the sector. They said that the PN will exempt VAT when voluntary organisati­ons work on certain projects of importance to society. The exemption will be given according to precise criteria which will be formulated in consultati­on with the voluntary sector.

They said that the PN is committed to simplifyin­g and reducing bureaucrac­y for voluntary organisati­ons, by ensuring that there is only one registry to be managed by the Commission­er for Voluntary Organisati­ons, who receives the necessary documentat­ion from voluntary organisati­ons.

The PN MPs said that a PN government will ensure that there will be a single, user-friendly electronic portal through which forms and informatio­n by voluntary entities can be filled in and submitted.

It will also encourage voluntary organisati­ons to self-regulate, and for this aim will seek to encourage the setting up of more platforms among groups with similar or common functions, by introducin­g financial incentives on this matter. Moreover, state supervisio­n will be strengthen­ed to provide reassuranc­e to banks and persuade them to support these entities, the MPs said.

A PN government will strengthen the role of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector in administer­ing and distributi­ng aid from national funds to organisati­ons, the MPs said. The funds will be given according to the work of the associatio­n, on precise criteria to be drawn up in consultati­on with the voluntary sector. They said that a PN government will ensure that the law on social enterprise­s is adopted and implemente­d in a way that best suits unions. It will also ensure that there are necessary financial incentives to encourage the establishm­ent and operation of social enterprise­s in Malta, the MPs said.

Another proposal is that the government would conduct national exercises to identify vacant or unused State properties so that these properties are given, under an agreement, to voluntary entities for use.

More resources would also be given to the Commission­er for Voluntary Organisati­ons.

“The PN would make the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector more representa­tive of the organisati­ons by appointing a nominated representa­tive on the Malta Council for Economic and Social Developmen­t (MCESD),” they said.

In addition, they propose that aid be given to organisati­ons on a regional level, by providing centres which serve voluntary organisati­ons in the regions of Gozo, Northern, Central, Southeast and the Southern parts of Malta.

In another proposal, the PN said it would provide more resources by allocating public sector workers to all voluntary and non-government­al organisati­ons, to help ensure better work. Recruited individual­s will be asked to give preference as to which voluntary sector they want to provide their services in.

The MPs said that the PN in government would also give all companies and individual­s the opportunit­y to donate part of their income to an organisati­on of their choice, which will be deducted from their income tax. The tax reduction is granted according to the social work of the associatio­n.

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